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Production Services

The Watts Group Inc. has been creating customized On-Hold productions for clients coast-to-coast since 1992. Our team of professional script writers and audio engineers can have your production completed and in less time than you probably think! No matter what the industry, we have the experience to provide the custom On-Hold solution you need!

Consider Music On-Hold! Wonderful licensed background music with periodic "Thank you for calling" and other courtesy messages. This works well when you share a phone system with another business in the same space and a custom message can’t be used for each business.

The first contact potential customers have with your company in most cases is through the phone. That's why your telephone image is so important. Watts Group Inc. can enhance your company's automatic call distribution (ACD), call center, interactive voice response (IVR), automated attendant, and voice mail systems by providing professionally recorded business telephone greetings and information. Our professional voices will make a very positive impression on your callers.

Add the power of sound to your website with Web Audio. We'll create a web audio program that welcomes and informs customers as they browse your web page ... making your site a truly unique experience!

Web Audio

No problem! Our professional writers can create customized scripts for your production! Whether it's Custom On Hold Messaging, Auto Attendant, Web Audio, Corporate Presentations or Commercial Broadcast, our writers will create a custom script to fit your exact needs!

With a network of Digital Audio recording workstations our professional audio engineers can create custom audio solutions for any application. Commercial broadcast, corporate presentations, audio for video, web audio, POP, overhead marketing... the audio applications are endless!

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